By partnering with us, landowners can be confident that ECA is the best at exploring and producing natural gas and oil.



With more than 50 years in business, ECA has long demonstrated a commitment to preserving the environment.

ECA helps local schools

Committed To


Over the last 50 years, ECA has built a reputation for being a responsible corporate citizen, investing in local communities, and giving back to the areas where we operate.

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Recognized for Workplace Wellness

Health and Wellness

Open to both employees and their spouses, ECA offers an award-winning wellness program that boasts a 95 percent participation rate and includes an annual health screening and health risk appraisal, access to wellness coaching, opportunities to add activity to the workday, and resources to guide progress toward wellness goals.

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Power Your Future

On April 30, 2015 the Clay Center launched Power Your Future, a mobile exhibit focusing on the natural gas industry and supporting much-needed STEM education for a competitive 21st century workforce, sponsored by Energy Corporation of America.

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